Monday, June 8, 2015

The Last Straw

This has been a rather disappointing week, monetarily speaking.
First my car needed new front brakes, then The Hub's car needed a new air compressor. Follow this with a washing machine that no longer runs a spin cycle, and a dryer that no longer dries and there goes our reserves.
Then, last night, here I am innocently watching Game of Thrones and making great progress on my sweater when I realize that I left out two rows in my repeat for an entire sleeve.
And I didn't come to this realization until here -

Just at that moment I look up and there's Stannis Baratheon doing something unspeakable.
I don't know if I can stick with that show, man...
Good thing there was a dragon (however cheesy that scene looked)


  1. Oh no, such bad luck. On the bright side, your sweater looks great! The pattern is lovely.
    I haven't watched any of Game of Thrones yet. I read the books, because I could skip the yucky bits, still working up the nerve to watch it.

  2. I had started to read the Game of Thrones first book...but it was way too sexually graphic in my opinion. I am sure the shows are the same. I didn't even finish the first book and got rid of the series. I was so disappointed because I was hoping to get into another series that I thought would be as great as Lord of the Rings or something like that. But it was just.....too.....sexual. I don't like that. I prefer LOTR or other innocent fairy tales! :)

    Your sweater is looking fantastic!!! :)

  3. I so understand! We just paid off our youngest daughter's NICU stay (she turned two last month - I joke that we've paid her off and she's ours now) and just before we did, she ended up having an ambulance ride to the ER, and my husband's truck died, and our oldest son needs driver's ed, and you know how it goes. Your knitting is beautiful, and I just wanted to encourage you that it can get better. We rushed home thinking our well pump was going to have to be replaced, and it was fixed with some cleaning of contacts for the electrical portion of the pressure valve.