Friday, July 15, 2016

To the Woods

A quick trip to the riverside this afternoon, before the mosquitoes took away too much of our vital essence. 

 These three human people are my best.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

an unthinkable week

In the last 6 days we have seen the bloody evidence of our racist history and present culture play out live on our phones and televisions.
Inevitably there come the voices saying "well..."
If he hadn't moved suddenly, if he hadn't been carrying a weapon, if he hadn't been selling loose cigarettes or cds, if he had been more respectful, if, if, if.
People, and mostly white people if the truth be known, seem to look for any excuse to justify these killings because it makes them uncomfortable to think that it is about race.
I don't have any magic words of healing, but I do know that I can send my child out to play with the neighbor kids without fear.
I can let him walk to the grocery store in our neighborhood and my biggest worry is the traffic as he crosses the street.
There are millions of American mothers and fathers who live with a constant dread of harassment, violence and possibly death for themselves and their children for no other reason than the skin they're in.
The contrast between my life and the lives of these countless others is unfair.
It is tragic.
It is cruel.
I grieve for these men.
I grieve for their families.
I weep when I think of the 4-year-old baby girl and her mother who watched a good man killed in his own car, still wearing his seatbelt.
I weep when I think of the wife and children of a man who will never come home because instead of getting a ticket for an unlawful act he was publicly executed.
I weep for the the lives of 5 police officers taken as they did their duty to protect and serve the people who rose up to say no more.
My tears are not enough.
We need to work, those of us who are given this unearned privilege of safety and comfort.
We need to work to stop racist behavior when we see it.
We need to work to stop discrimination.
We need to work to stop the violence.
We need to speak the names of the dead (this link is 2 years old and since then we have had more senseless killing, more and more lives destroyed) with reverence and a hope that more will not join this list.
We need to show up.

Philando Castile lived in my hometown.
He worked at the elementary school I attended as a child.
My neighbors and the children of my friends knew and loved him.
He made the lives of people around him better.
He is America. He is all of us. He is gone.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


I have about 3 and a half squares left on this blanket and then a border. Tomorrow and Thursday I will spend most of my time riding a bus to and from Chicago (I live in Saint Paul, so that's a good 12-14 hours of bus time) and I want to get the squares finished today so I can knit the border while I am riding. Sewing tiny squares and weaving ends are not activities that lend themselves to sitting in a bus seat.
If you're in the Chicago area come to Ravinia tomorrow and hear the stunning Rachmaninoff Vespers. I'll be in the front row singing away.
What's on your agenda this week?
Joining Nicole for KCCO.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Bon Bon Day

First of all, thank you for your kind comments about the teensy sweater and hat!
You all know the stereotype of the stay at home mom: Sitting on the couch, watching trashy tv and eating bonbons.
Well, today was a bit of a bon bon day, if I do say so.
I burned through two bbc miniseries: Arthur and George and The Widower, ate chips and drank cherry coke.

I did have an ultimate goal, which was to organize (to some extent) my collection of fingering yarn stash.

As there is still one more baby brewing in my extended circle, I thought I would make another sweater, but the colors weren't working for me and I ripped it out.
Time to take stock. I found so many bits of old favorite projects and projects half-begun and projects never begun.
 What I realized was that I had the makings of a sweet little blanket here.
I sorted out the ones I liked best and dove in.
Now, here I am, on my third square and feeling great about ripping out the sweater.
I may add in a square or two with the bee motif just because I think it's charming.
Just goes to show that if you have been knitting long enough the stash will provide.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Teensy Hat

I put the finishing touches on a little hat last night. I was feeling ombre dots to go with the round buttons.

They look a little out of proportion in the photo, but they fit our baby doll pretty well,
so I hope it will fit the new baby well also.
Joining Nicole for KCCO this morning.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Garden Update

Thanks to some good and rainy days the gardens have been getting greener every day.
 The tomatoes are booming,
 The creeping charlie is creeping
 The back woods are super leafy
 I was able to excavate a few more stairs, bringing the total to 5,
 The chives are blooming
 I am loving it out here.

In Training

It's here, the best time of the year, festival season.
Beginning with Grand Old Day, a street festival here in Saint Paul, and concluding with The Minnesota State Fair it's a season jam-packed with lots of walking, parades, food and people watching.
We had perfect weather for Grand Old Day today. Blue Skies, 75 degrees and a slight breeze.

 The bouncing club threw a lady into the air,

 There were dancers and dragons

 Even a wild Eldest child handing out candy with her best friend.
I like to think of Grand Old Day as a good training ground for this season of festivals, as well as an assessment tool to see how much walking a 4, 10 and 12 year old can really accomplish in a morning.
We had a good showing from the 12 and 4, but the 10 needs some work. We need to be in top shape by the time The Fair comes around in August.