Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Hat and a Spare

A friend of mine is a wonderful seamstress, and makes lovely things that she sells around town.
We arranged a swap for a pair of delightful overalls, and my side of the bargain was a hat for her daughter.
She wanted it to be slouchy, and grey.
I made up this hat, with help from other hats around Ravelry.

It's knitted as a rectangle first, then sewn into a circle, and lastly I picked up the cuff along one edge.
It came out so nice, I decided to reknit a failed hat for a friend in the same style. I used the lace chart from Gothic Lace Cowl from Tin Can Knits.

It's a super easy pattern to remember, and I am enjoying the repetition of it.
What's on your needles?

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

dun DUN

Since last I posted I have been hard at work on a customer project that has not been going well. I have already ripped out the yoke once, and I have to do so again. I'll post about it when I'm not so annoyed with the whole thing.
As a palate cleanser I was cutting out a dress for The Youngest and I ran across this silly nearly finished project from a couple of years ago.
All that it needed was about 3 inches of the zipper attached and some eyes.
The Elder and The Hubby both think it looks like a cheerful whale, but The Younger and I know the truth: It's a terrifying shark, perfect for gobbling up pencils.
Update: I forgot to link to the pattern yesterday.
Thanks for the kind comments!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thank You and a Finished Product

Thanks to you all for your kind comments on this little sweater. 
Last night I was able to finish it up while waiting for the laundry machines to run their cycles. 
It was a little late, but totally worth it.
I redrew the robot chart to be more in scale with the other patterns. It did still come out a little long, but I'm calling it a tunic right now, and then she can grow into it.

Next on my list is some customer work, but before that can happen I have to organize this awful basket mess.
In the aftermath of leaving my knitting teaching job I let my knitting materials get totally and completely disorganized. 
Urgh, not looking forward to that!

Thanks again for the lovely words of encouragement!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Still Knitting

I finished the Sweater for The Youngest last Thursday, but it ended up being a little short.

The Youngest picked a few motifs from my Lucinda Guy book, and I am in the process of adding length to the sleeves and bottom hem.
One of the things I love about this book is that space ships and robots were available for The Youngest to choose, and she did.
I am not quite sure about the robots, though, I think they'll end up being too long. I think I am going to pull them out and redraw the chart to a smaller scale.
The left sleeve is finished, so all that remains is the right sleeve and finishing up the hem. 

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sweater for The Youngest and a Photo Shoot

In 2013, a knitter friend sent me some yarn she was destashing and I was inspired to start a dress for The Youngest. 
It turned out too big, and I didn't really like how it was going, so for a year or so it was hibernating. 
This past Sunday, my amazing photographer neighbor asked me to come and sit for a series she is shooting on people with passions. 
I pulled out this little sweater for the shoot, in the hopes of getting my mojo back.
It worked, because now I am on the final sleeve.
It was super fun to go through my knitting books in search of the perfect patterns, the little ladies were already finished and I can't recall where they came from, but I got the flowers from Yokes (my Christmas present to myself)by Kate Davies, the birds from Little Red in the City from Ysolda Teague and the hearts from Knitting Motifs for Babies and Kids by Lucinda Guy.
The Youngest isn't all that interested in wearing it, but I hope to change her mind once it's finished.
The Elder joined me at the photo shoot. Shelly, who is so cool in so many ways, is such a treasure. Even though I am not all that photogenic, I love when I get to go to her studio. She has a way of capturing perfect moments.

If you're local, you should definitely check into a visit with Shelly.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Last Minute Christmas

It happens every year (for which I am very thankful), I have customer work that keeps me busy until late in December and am left with little time for family crafting.
So it came to pass that on Saturday, December 20th I texted this photo to my mom:

and asked if she would collaborate with me to make it for The Youngest for Christmas.
She accepted and we began,
First, it was a trip to the fabric shop to get the basics: canvas for the body of the chair cover, accent fabric, felt and bias tape for details.
My mom is great with 3-dimensional planning and thinking. She designed and built her back deck, back porch, myriad gardens, she has got the skills. 
So, of course, she whipped up the chair cover in about an hour.
I went over the next day and we worked for a couple of hours, making the apron, choosing the backsplash, making stove controls.
Mom did the heavy lifting with the doors and pockets. 
I picked up the kitchen on Monday (along with the baker's hat and potholder that my mom managed to whip up) and brought it back to do the hand sewing.  
I got the cover for the microwave door finished, attached the stove buttons, and started in on the oven door. After some research (I asked the daughter of a friend) about what to include inside the oven, I went with a pan of chocolate chip cookies. I will admit, I had a hard time figuring out what to do with the outside of the oven door, and the inside of the microwave. 
Yesterday just happened to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day; we discovered that we all had lice and while we were on our way to The Lice Lady (Totally worth the money)The Elder threw up in the car, and while we were waiting for The Younger, The Youngest and The Hubs the car battery died. 
But, after our 5 hour unpleasantness I was able to finish up the hand work last night. 
 We don't own a microwave, but we can just tell her it's popcorn door or something...
 I was still stymied on the oven door last night, so I copped out and just put a bird on it. The accent fabric is birds and flowers, so I borrowed one of the motifs.
 Add some pots, pans and food from IKEA and that's one exciting Christmas gift.
I hope she likes it!
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Birthday Room Redo

Friday was The Elder's 11th Birthday. 
The first of her B-day requests was cake decorating supplies.
I baked the cake, devil's chocolate from America's Test Kitchen, (made dairy-free with coconut milk) and did a crumb coat of frosting, but she did the rest and it turned out great!
Once the kids were at school on Friday, my mom came over and helped me zazz up her bedroom as another birthday surprise.
Earlier this year I built a rudimentary canopy for The Elder's bed.
For the big room redo I got some pipe insulation, painted it white and covered the uprights. Next we covered them with some more of the lacy fabric I used for the canopy.
Then, using some outdoor light clips, we attached a string of twinkle lights to the top.
It's the perfect reading light level, and turned out fairly magical, if I do say so...

 We found a bunch of lovely art that The Elder has been making in school, and hung it around the room.
She also needed a desk, and luckily the neighbors threw out this changing table the other week. 
It converted quite easily to a desk, and with a lick of paint it looks brand new.

She was mostly happy with the transformation, though there was a little panic when she couldn't find all of her toys. 
It's a little staggering that this tiny sweet baby
has turned into this confident, bright, delightful young lady.
Happy Birthday, my girl.