Monday, November 9, 2015


Was it a reaction against the violence of The Walking Dead last night? Perhaps.
I must give Meg idea credit. I was so inspired by her beautiful painting of her daughter that she posted last week.
Whatever the motivation, I started this sketch of The Youngest last night.
She saw it this morning and requested a puppy on her shirt.
It's still a little rough, I haven't decided on the background yet.
When I draw I usually get bogged down in the details, so this time I'm wondering whether to leave the background a wash of color.
My next step (which feels a little like cheating) is to make some copies and experiment with the background.
The Youngest decided that she needs to be the one to paint it, so she'll get a few copies for herself.
Update -

The Youngest did a great job on her portrait. The bar has been set very high...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Trip to the Forest

As much as I like to think that we made an instant and seamless transition to our new house, I haven't really felt like doing much more than nesting for a while. 
It hasn't been all that helpful that we've been in workerland for a while. 
Last week it was a plumber (for preventative maintenance) and a tree crew taking down a nearly hollow apple tree.
This week, however, we've been getting out almost every day. 
The weather is truly un-November-like and, though I feel nervous for the future of the planet, I am loving the sun and the blue skies.
Monday we visited a new park in a neighboring city - Reservoir Woods.
It was our first visit, but not our last.
There were lots of opportunities for climbing and building and swinging. 
We went with a crowd of pre-schoolers, and there was some great imaginative play going on.

This grumpy face was that we had to leave.
I felt similarly, we'll definitely be back soon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Craft Update

I sang two concerts this weekend, and with a concert comes a little down time during intermission.
I had time to cast on and get some progress made on a new mitten.
Part of the Seven Skeins Club membership is a collection of exclusive patterns from Kate Davies.
The first one didn't interest me, it was house slippers, but the second was mittens: Kokkeluri.
Kate's Buachaille yarn is lovely. It's very springy, and the colors are wonderful.
I don't love the pattern. The thumb increases a little sharply for me and I find that thumbs on the side seam are not quite as comfortable. Also, I like a border on the chart so the picture can be a little more defined, but those are picky things.
Overall I can see these becoming my go-to mittens (if they don't get stolen by The Elder)
Speaking of The Elder, I finished up her Fluttershy costume last week. I didn't get a photo of her in it, but she looked pretty ponyesque.
I made up a circle skirt from some fleece and the ears I made from this tutorial.

What's on your creative plate today?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fluttershy, Step One

Happy Tuesday! It so happens that this week is Kid's Clothing Week Challenge, and I actually have something to contribute this time. The theme is disguise.
The Elder has decided to be Fluttershy for Halloween. I don't know how many of you are Pegasisters or Bronies, but just in case you're not into the show: the ponies travel through a mystic portal and instead of looking like this-
now they look like this-

I looked around for a pattern, and found this tutorial, which was great but I made one change - I used polar fleece instead of felt squares. 
Now, you know me, I love felt, but I wanted a larger field than small rectangles would afford.
So I started by drawing a pattern on a cereal box, but I couldn't find my paper scissors so I drew it freehand on the fleece. 

I drew it on the fold, so I had two pieces like this-
The Youngest helped me with the sewing again, it's so nice to have a team.

Last night I finished the construction, watch the tutorial to see about the wires.
Photos before one leaves for the bus sometimes elicit grimaces.
All that's left is the detail painting around the edges, and the wings will be complete.
Joining Nicole for KCCO,
and the fine folks at KCWC.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Meow Meow, Finished Meow.

Add a snout and a few cable ties and you have a pink kitty face all finished.

One More Mask

A couple of weeks ago I made up some Halloween masks for a felt class that was coming up, and today was the day. 
Part of my lesson today was how to modify patterns to your own needs. I took a pattern I found online and modified it from an owl into a fox, and further altered it as a cat. 
My class ran with that idea and made a bird, a butterfly and a snow leopard. I wish I had taken photos, all of the students really did beautiful work.
My family surprised me at the end of the class, and The Youngest asked if she could make a cat mask, how could I say no.
We started in once we had walked home (can I say how great it is to live so close to work? It's great, really great) and she did a wonderful job helping me sew.

Little dimpled hands working away with a needle never gets old.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Perfect Light

This afternoon I had a couple of hours to myself so I visited my very favorite corner of St. Paul.

It's been too long since I took the time to soak up the beauty of this place.