Friday, October 26, 2007


I have a habit of always saying yes.

I have the good fortune to be involved in many fun things.

I sing in a small a capella ensemble on Mondays.

I teach in a fantastic children's choir on Wednesdays.

I teach knitting at my favorite LYS, this week Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.

I teach piano Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.

I am spending the day tomorrow proctoring an engineering exam for some extra dollars for the holidays.

Then Sunday knitting classes, Monday singing, Tuesday knitting class, Wednesday Choir School, and Thursday piano lessons.

Top all of that off with craft club on Friday night and I am exhausted.

I should add that my husband is also exhausted.
He had to go out of town for work three days this week and then work the rest of the week with no break.
Also, our hard drive is pretty old and he is in the process of installing a new one, so when he gets home and I have to leave right away for work, then he can't work on the computer until after the kids go to bed and then there is no time for he and I to have together time.

I really do enjoy all of these things, but I fall into the same pattern over and over where I say yes to things I love and then get overwhelmed.

I am sure that after thursday everything will be rosy again. I am allowing myself this indulgent whiny time here online so that I don't have to complain to anyone out here in the real world.

This Blog thing is really helpful!

Since the hard drive is acting up, I can't put any new pics on the computer, but I have been semi-productive in the last week.
I had to replace the front door lock, and I got some deeply discounted lilac bushes from the home depot, and I taught a class on Marie Mayhew's fantastic Wooly Snowman pattern, so I got a good start on a couple of them.

Hopefully pictures next post.


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  1. The ladies in the snowman class loved you!! They told me so.