Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Hoppy Day!

I realized about Monday that it was the week before Easter and there was still no dress. Luckily I had procrastinated about the Elder Hug-a-Bug's Easter togs last year, and had this bunny-themed batik in the stash.

There is a considerable amount of snow for this Easter, so all the fashionable pre-schoolers will also be arrayed in long-sleeve t-shirts, tights and sweaters for the festivities.

Here's hoping your Easter is full of colored fingers and family,

p.s. Jelly beans or chocolate?


Nancy said...

chocolate. no contest.

Happy Easter!

Krista said...


melissa said...

Jess, I love the dress. Your girl looks so pretty in it.

Ms. P said...

I love how the dress turned out, Jess!