Saturday, September 27, 2008


Big excitement this week!
I received a special present from Hillary at wee wonderfuls: my Chloe doll!

She is, as you can see, very beautiful and I love her! Thanks Hillary!

I also began a new knitting project, perfect for bringing to the park, as it can get kinda grubby and no one will notice. It even survived a high-spirited young boy, not my own, swinging it around by the needle before I noticed what he was doing.

The yarn is 13 mile Sport-Weight Organic Wool, I am loving it!

The yarn is vegetable-dyed and the dye is really intense.

It does come off on your fingers, but the manufacturers promise that a hot water bath will take care of that issue.

The pattern is the Candle Flame Scarf with an extra flame on either side as the pattern is written for worsted and I am using a sport-weight. Also, I would like it to be a little wider than the original.

The last totally fun thing that I did this week was fern printing.

I found out about this on Painted Fish Studio's great blog.

The Mamas of the Craft came over last night and we went out to the back sidewalk and hammered the clorophyll out of these ferns.

It was kind of cathartic as we were discussing the impending financial crisis and the election and needed to express our frustrations.

I am pretty happy with the results, the only thing is that I didn't move the gusset out of the way before I started hammering this one, so there is a crease in the print.

The bag only took me about a half-hour to make, so I can make another one pretty easily.

That is, if the fall hasn't taken the ferns away...

I must go, my husband is home after a Week in Omaha and I am excited to see him.

Off to the fall festival!


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  1. eeks! i've been a terrible blog reader. i'm so happy you and your friends did some fern printing! the bags are beautiful! i'm putting you in my thingy and i will be back, i promise! :)