Friday, October 10, 2008


So I'm picking up the Elder Hug-a-Bug from school and we're chatting and she says-

"Today is Friday? Does that mean that we get fries?"


So we pack up the car and get ourselves over to Coffee News Cafe.

And we ordered the best fries in the city.

If one is a fan of potatoes, salt and fresh garlic (as I am) these will hit the spot.

So tasty.

So cruchy.

So perfect for a gloomy afternoon.


Hope you have a good Fry-day too!


Stay tuned for a give-away tomorrow.


minnesota:madre said...

we, too, love these fries. what a treat!

Anonymous said...

HELLO JESSICA! I love a good recommendation... where is Coffee News Cafe?

Paige said...

Sounds like lotsa fun! I love little "impromptu dates" with the little ones like that. Now I've gotta try those fries one of these days!

Krista said...

Those look like such yummy fries!

painted fish studio said...

oh yeah, i love the fries at coffee news! and the hummus. mmmmm, garlic.