Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yarn Along

Yarnin' Along with Ginny
This is a Christmas Stocking that I am designing for a customer, and I am really enjoying the planning and plotting.
Usually with a stocking I will copy one or use a pattern, but occasionally I get to design one from scratch and those are always great for the brain.
My book is one I have read many times, I found it originally at an antique store.
The title is The Turning Point by Louis Tracy, and after I read the cover off of my original copy I hunted this down somewhere on the internet.
The story is about Richard Aylmer who was a pilot in World War I for Britain and after a crash and major head trauma is trying to put the war behind him and start a new life as a painter.
His head injury causes him to have flashback/memories of living in a past life as a knight in 14th century Yorkshire.
The Turning Point was written in 1919 and I love the glimpses that you get of early 20th century small-town English life.
There is a fascinating secondary character who is a violinist who loses his left hand and must learn to play the violin right-handed while holding his bow in a mechanical hand of his own devising.
I have probably read it 4 or 5 times and it never fails to entertain me.
What are you reading and knitting today?


  1. Beautiful scarf, Jess. Very impressive and cool design.

  2. Jess, you amaze me with your knitting abilities! That design is so lovely. I like the colors. Beautiful, natural look.

  3. Both your knitting and your book sound like exercise for the brain. The stocking is looking great--always so fun to create something new!