Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yarn Along

It's Yarn Along time!
I have had to put these mittens on hold in favor of Christmas Stocking knitting, but I am excited to get back to them. The pattern is called Ringo + Elwood, and I think I may have seen them the first time on another Yarn Along post a few weeks ago.
There are two versions included in the pattern Ringo (a racoon as seen above) and Elwood (a beaver)
The Younger has just conveniently lost one of his dragon mittens and so he'll need some new ones anyway!

Sometimes I just randomly grab a book from my Anne of Green Gables collection and this week it was Rainbow Valley. As I type I still have tears on my face from finishing this charming and heartfelt story.
Rainbow Valley is about Anne and Gilbert's children growing up in an idyllic fairyland of beautiful trees and brooks, catching trout for impromptu lunches and having the kind of childhood I wish for my own children.
L. M. Montgomery wrote Rainbow Valley after the end of the first World War and you can see hints of a darker time looming for the children in Glen St. Mary.
Her final Anne book Rilla of Ingleside is about how the war effects everyone in the village and is possibly my favorite of the series.
I may have to read it next.
What's on your needles and nightstand this week?


  1. I re-read the Anne series this year, oh I adore them! Such innocence, and imagination! Warm wishes, Kelly

  2. I have just convinced my son to read Anne of Green Gables :) It has been years since I read it though! I like the look of your pattern!

  3. So, so cute!
    I sure know about that missing glove thing. Hmmmm. Do you think I can glue them to their little hands the rest of winter?? ;-)
    Cheers to a good snowfall!

  4. I have never read the full series, I might have to put that on my reading list for next year :-)

  5. Oh wow, those mittens are going to be fantastic! Lovely!

  6. Love those mitts. Dragon ones too - must find a pattern for those. I know one of mine would love dragon mitts. I do need to read the whole Anne series. It is now on the list.

  7. Santa is gifting me the last Anne book, don' ask how I know, it will complete my collection and I cannot wait to read it!!! Beautiful knitting :)

  8. the contrast in the mitts is so nice, what a treasure they will be!