Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Some Sewing for Me

After the flurry of toddler-sewing last week, I realized that I could squeeze in something for myself.
A couple of years ago my friend met me and a very brand new Youngest for coffee, and she had on the cutest skirt. It was striped, and the stripes went every which way.
I thought it wouldn't be too hard to make one for myself, so I bought a couple of yards of fabric.
Well, it only took me two years to actually get it done.
I perused the blogs for a pattern, and found this tutorial  which basically states that you can take a skirt pattern, cut the piece in two and lay it crazy ways on your fabric, then reassemble it and you have a cutie skirt.
Easy Peasy Lemon Squ-
Well, it was pretty easy after I took out that seam and re-re-assembled it.

I forgot how satisfying a quick yoga-pants waistband skirt can be. 
My mom gave me a gift certificate to my favorite fabric store last week for my birthday, and I think it's time to peruse the knit section.
Joining Nicole this morning for KCCO.


  1. Yay for some Mama sewing! A yoga waistband is definitely one of the best things ever! Like the stripes!

  2. Very pretty! I love the gray in with the pink color. It looks lovely.