Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Last Minute Christmas

It happens every year (for which I am very thankful), I have customer work that keeps me busy until late in December and am left with little time for family crafting.
So it came to pass that on Saturday, December 20th I texted this photo to my mom:

and asked if she would collaborate with me to make it for The Youngest for Christmas.
She accepted and we began,
First, it was a trip to the fabric shop to get the basics: canvas for the body of the chair cover, accent fabric, felt and bias tape for details.
My mom is great with 3-dimensional planning and thinking. She designed and built her back deck, back porch, myriad gardens, she has got the skills. 
So, of course, she whipped up the chair cover in about an hour.
I went over the next day and we worked for a couple of hours, making the apron, choosing the backsplash, making stove controls.
Mom did the heavy lifting with the doors and pockets. 
I picked up the kitchen on Monday (along with the baker's hat and potholder that my mom managed to whip up) and brought it back to do the hand sewing.  
I got the cover for the microwave door finished, attached the stove buttons, and started in on the oven door. After some research (I asked the daughter of a friend) about what to include inside the oven, I went with a pan of chocolate chip cookies. I will admit, I had a hard time figuring out what to do with the outside of the oven door, and the inside of the microwave. 
Yesterday just happened to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day; we discovered that we all had lice and while we were on our way to The Lice Lady (Totally worth the money)The Elder threw up in the car, and while we were waiting for The Younger, The Youngest and The Hubs the car battery died. 
But, after our 5 hour unpleasantness I was able to finish up the hand work last night. 
 We don't own a microwave, but we can just tell her it's popcorn door or something...
 I was still stymied on the oven door last night, so I copped out and just put a bird on it. The accent fabric is birds and flowers, so I borrowed one of the motifs.
 Add some pots, pans and food from IKEA and that's one exciting Christmas gift.
I hope she likes it!
Joining Nicole for KCCO


  1. That is freaking cute! Happy LIce Free Christmas.

    1. Thanks so much! Merry stuff to you!

  2. I live in constant awe of your craftiness. I think this is completely awesome and wish my kiddos were still little enough to enjoy one.

    1. Thanks, Babe. Hope your appointment went smoothly today.