Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Thank you for your patience while I posted non-stop about my house renovations.
After three days on the market we accepted an offer, and now we just have a few details to nail down and we can say goodbye to this home we have loved for the past eleven years.
After our month long painting extravaganza I was having difficulty slowing down. So, I threw myself into a few sewing projects since I had some free time.
For Christmas or a birthday last year The Youngest received this adorable sleepy bee toy from her aunt. It's such an adorable, simple design I've been using it as an example for my sewing students. For the last few classes I have been winging it (so to speak) but I decided to make up a pattern that the kids could use.

I didn't want to copy someone else's work exactly, but I was definitely highly inspired by the original when I designed patterns for a cat, a dog, a rabbit and a slightly different bug.

I made these toys with a combination of hand and machine sewing, which makes them extremely portable. Perfect for bringing along to the playground on a perfect August day.
Joining Nicole for KCCO


  1. Delightful toys, good on you for adapting.

  2. Congrats! ONly 3 days on the market and already sold!?!

    11 years is a long time in one house, will you be staying in the area?

  3. Those are adorable! E's girl scout troop wants to learn to sew. I so wish you were here so we could have you do it!

  4. Rachel, yes, we're moving about 2 miles away, closer to one kid's school, but farther from the other. I couldn't leave Saint Paul, we love it here.
    Krista, if we come to visit the G-parents sometime, we could schedule a sewing time at a girl scout meeting for the same week!