Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Evolution of an Acorn

A few years ago another mom and I were bemoaning the fact that the school didn't put on a play (in fact there had been a play in the past, and it was a reason that both of us had chosen the school for our kids) so we decided to start one ourselves. 
The first year we chose a number of Aesop's Fables and the kids wrote their own skits. Last year we got permission from Mo Willems to use his books and we put on 11 vignettes which were basically Gerald and Piggie books acted out. (Mo Willems writes such brilliant dialog, we didn't need to change a thing)
This year my friend and I tackled the story and script on our own. 
It's a variation on a number of fairy tales mainly focused on The Three Pigs. 
We were planning on 15-18 kids participating and we got 30 which was so exciting, but it meant that we had to expand the script. We decided to add some frolicsome squirrels to help with scenery changes and if you have squirrels you need acorns.
 The plan is to choreograph a dance with these giant acorns. So I made one up. The pattern I devised made less of an acorn and more of a peanut. I also dedicated too much effort into details that wouldn't read from the stage.
 So, I amended the cap, and extended the bottom. It was still a little round for my liking. Also after a dry run with the kids the handle pulled too much on the seams so that had to go.
 The next few acorns came out a little better; pointer nut, no handle, fun to toss and catch.

We haven't finished the choreography yet, so I don't know exactly how many we need, though I think I'll make up at least one more for an even half-dozen.
What's sparking your creative fire today?
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  1. Very clever! I enjoyed reading your creative process. My little one has been collecting acorns in the garden, it's so delightful.