Friday, August 12, 2016

My Motto

I have a problem, it is of a deep and personal nature.
I am a procrastinator.
Usually my procrastination comes in the form of finding some big project to do in lieu of my actual tasks.
Sometimes it is as simple as winding a ball of yarn instead of folding the laundry

Other times it gets real big real fast like the way I was going to clear off my sewing table for a small thing and ended up organizing the pantry, clearing out 4 garbage bags of crap from my sewing room and making an entire outfit for The Youngest's first day of school (more on that later) rather than get ready for the trip we are taking soon.

 The dress is the Birthday Party dress from Oliver + S and I made some matching shorts his morning.
Choosing buttons was a bit of a challenge. I didn't have just the right tone of aqua to match the dress, but I did have a rabbit and it seemed like the perfect choice.
Going through my button collection I found a bunch of lovely molded plastic buttons. The back of the dress has six buttons and I alternated plain and fancy all the way down.

My motto has always been - 
Time spent creatively is never wasted.

However, it does put a cramp in trying to pack.

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