Monday, November 5, 2007

Fiber projects

I am teaching a class at the yarn store about teaching kids fun stuff with fiber arts.

We will dye yarn with kool-aid and make fun needle-toppers with Sculpey, we will also use felted sweaters to make book covers.

While I was felting some sweaters I realized that a women's medium vest felted to exactly the size that my nearly-4 year old could wear.

So I cut out the zipper and sewed on a button. It should keep her pretty warm, if she deigns to wear it...

I also made some dinner buns and they looked so pretty rising on the pan that I just had to include them here. They are wheat buns so they also have plenty of fiber.

I have also made a small amount of progress on the semi-neglected sweater. The sleeve is more complicated than I want for watching tv or sitting in a class or ECFE, so I moved on to a front.

Talk to you all out there soon,


  1. Wow, I wish I could take your knitting class. What a good idea to make little needle toppers. That would be a great Christmas gift idea, quicker than knitting something!