Friday, December 21, 2007

no pictures

I feel a little like I have lost a limb... I can't find my camera.
No pictures today.
I have been busy, really-
I made scarves for three friends.
I baked dozens of cookies today for my craft club's cookie exchange.
I finished all of the needed-to-be-done-before-christmas stockings for my clients.
And beyond my busy-ness there have been some fantastic views off the bridge that I would have loved to share.
stupid messy house.
who can I blame for that that isn't me? really no one.
I hope that those of you out there that celebrate christmas have a happy one.
I will scrub my house from tip to top -(rolie polie olie fans out there? anyone?)- and search for my camera.
Hopefully the holiday season will bring happiness and found objects at the fifth lamp house.
See you all in the new year!

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