Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January from the fifth lamp

As some of you know, I am trying to take pictures of the river throughout the year, to watch the seasons change.

I started in October, and I was sure that I could take a picture a day.
I have discipline.

Then I went to once a week when the weather was not as nice.
We have a drafty stroller, and I can't walk with both of the kids to the spot where I take the picture as it's on a busy street.

Now I am resigned to once a month.

That said, here is the official January photo.

I will not preclude myself from taking as many as I am able throughout the month, but this is the official one.

So, without a camera these past few weeks, I have had no pictures of the kids' gifts this birthday and christmas season.
Here, therefore, is a picture of the gift from Brian and me for the younger Hug-a-Bug on his birthday- You can see the Elder Hug-a-Bug's puppet theatre in the background.

For christmas we gave the Hug-a-Bugs a set of blocks from Beka, and dyed them to make them bright and fun.
The Elder H-a-B's favorite new activity is building corrals for her dolls.

Here she is mid construction, "I'm not quite finished with my corral"

And here is her photo of the finished product-

I hope that all who read here have a healthy and prosperous Tuesday.
See you soon,


  1. Jess - what a gorgeous view you have of that river. It looks very chilly and very beautiful. And your daughter is so cute! I like her corral. Hey, can you send me your mailing address for the doll clothes swap? Thanks for signing up!! sugarcitylynne@gmail.com

  2. Did you make the tent? It is so cute. I bet it's a big hit in your house!