Thursday, April 16, 2009

Springtime ramble

I was unable to stay indoors this morning. The weather was divine.
During my semi-weekly 50 minutes of solitude, I took a walk down by the river and I turned left instead of my usual right.
I found a waterfall I never knew existed, and the little stream that feeds it.
The path runs out on either side of the stream, so one must cross over at a number of points.
I actually crossed the stream by walking over a log. I felt just like A Girl of the Limberlost,
at one with nature, and surrounded by beauty. O.K. this place could use a little more green in the landscape and a little less brown, but you get the idea.

The best part of my explore were the sounds.
I was literally less than 100 feet from the road, but all I could hear was running water and the occasional bird.
It was so very peaceful.
What a delightful way to spend the morning.



  1. Wonderful post -- reminds me of the 'rambles' I used to take when I was a young girl. And I love that book -- haven't read it in years -- must go look to see if I can find it.