Friday, March 26, 2010

From the Fifth Lamp, Viewing the Floodwaters

Here are some views of the Mississippi River from the Fifth Lamp Down.

March 2008March 2010
October 2009
March 2010 (this is usually all grass here, and you can see the road to the parking lot disappear into the water)
The waters are rising in Saint Paul.
We're at about 4 feet above flood stage, lots of parks on the river have closed due to rising waters and unsafe currents.
From up here on the bluff, we get to watch in safety and amazement at the awesome power of nature.


  1. There is a river that runs through the town i live in too. A few years ago it burst it's banks. My friend lived nearby and was told her house would flood. The council gave out sandbags but by the time they got to her they only had the bags, not the sand, so she went across to the kids sand park to fill them up. Someone reported her to a local police man who told her she couldn't take the sand! She told him her house was going to flood and she WAS taking the sand and he let her take it!
    X X

  2. oh wow, that is amazing, you can see the difference !

  3. We're going river watching tomorrow. A friend told me that they are going to change the flood number because we're so well prepared!

  4. wow, i haven't had a chance to see it yet! i heard it was almost to the bandshell, but it's hard to picture...

  5. it's dropping here in St. Peter -- and they opened the bridge and started taking down the temporary dike!!! Yahoo --- lived thru another one!