Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Walk

O.K., I know it's not officially Spring for a couple more weeks, but we've been enjoying the Spring-like weather none the less.
Is it just me, or do these look like they're practicing for their Senior pictures?


  1. Lol! Let's see if we can interpret the poses: 'I'm adorable yet rugged, fun yet serious, and pretty much awesome in every way!'

    It's funny because it's true :)

  2. Jessica!
    I just stumbled on your awesome blog! I'm so impressed! You are amazing! I had no idea you did this. The photos of the children are stunners. I remember Annie when she was just a wee babe ... and now she's practically grown! I worked with your mom at the salon and was the receptionist for a few years. I will definitely continue to follow your adventures here on Fifth Lamp Down. And what a fabulous name!!!

    I have a blog, too, but yours is a big WOW!
    xox Marianne McNamara

  3. I love your banner!
    Such sweet photos : )