Tuesday, April 27, 2010

coming out of the doldrums

Hi all, I haven't been too present here lately, I think the house-selling was getting me down.
Well, I am back in the groove of things and I have a few fun projects in the works.
First, I designed a little girl's tank top.
The Chicory Tank
modeled here by my lovely Elder Hug-a-Bug
I will have the pattern written up and ready for sale soon, I am teaching a class on it at the Yarnery.
Also, not quite as exciting, my parents were over last night to help with a little kid-sitting while I had rehearsal and my Mom pointed out that I have an insane number of towels.
I took the hint, and I cut 5 of them up today to reassemble into a beach blanket.
I'll see if I can make some headway on this tonight after the kids go to bed.
Anything new and exciting on your crafty tables lately?


  1. My house move is getting me down too, i think you're right to stay where you are.

    I love the little top and look forward to seeing the beach blanket. What a good idea.

    X X

  2. I am also taking my house off the market.

    And my exciting craft news is that we just bought a pop up camper and I can't wait to pimp it out with crafty things.

    New reader BTW.

  3. That is so sweet, I love how the flower detail is on the back.

  4. What an adorable tank! And I'm curious about your beach towel project.

  5. Love the little tank top, and the beach towel/blanket idea. I've been working on my Folsy Flannel patchwork quilt, getting ready to sew the panels together. Next up would be some embroidered pillowcases to match; the floss has been calling me lately!