Sunday, April 18, 2010

Staying Put

Well, the Hubster and I have made the decision to take our house off the market.
It's been 6 months of cleaning, and cleaning again, and stripping our home of personal effects, and tidying, and fixing, and showing after showing, but no offers (save one ridiculous one).
I am glad to have the whole thing finished.
We love our neighborhood, and our neighbors are the best! It's a great feeling to have made a final decision.
What this means in the long run is that remodeling is in our future, so now we start getting some quotes for the work we want to do, and hopefully we'll be able to tweak the house we have into the house we want.
My big plans for the Summer, therefore, include unpacking the boxes and boxes of books, clothing, toys and crafty stash that we boxed up to make our house look more spacious.
I foresee a huge "We're Not Moving" garage sale.
I think if I try to unpack 2-3 boxes per week, or at least know what we have and plan a space for stuff after our renovations, I might be able to finish up by Fall.
Don't hold me to that prediction, however, I am known to get into a project and totally loose steam halfway through.

A picture from the archives today, you all know how I hate to blog photoless -
I have been hankering for the woods, and the weather has been divine lately.
Perhaps a trip with the Younger after school tomorrow is in order. (pre-procrastinating with the unpacking project)


  1. while it is a bummer, i see awesome potential: you can now make your house "yours". the chances of finding the perfect house that fits your family to a T is slim... given the opportunity to make what you have better is a good thing (speaking from one that has done remodeling and never wants to leave her tiny house!). and purging goods? always a good thing. and really, i think you need to enjoy that great new bathroom! :)

  2. We were in the woods today. It is something I really need to do on a more consistent basis. Calming and centering. I love the smell of fresh earth.
    Enjoy your trip to the woods tomorrow if you get to make it.

  3. I'm happy for you that you've come to a resolution. It's hard living in limbo. If the stuff stays in boxes too long, then you know you don't need it.

  4. Don't unpack yet, you'll just have to repack during the renovation. (ask me how I know...) Olav is fantastic BTW

  5. Good for you, JESSICA! I think this is a very exciting decision because now you get to exercise your creativity in a whole new area... remodeling! Can Little Gib and I come over to see your kitchen floor? Hopefully your kids will wear out my baby basset!

    Yes, please come over and see our floors! I haven't seen yours yet either, how's your schedule?

  7. If you decide to take on any of the remodeling projects in do-it-yourself fashion, come out and visit the free tool rental out here at my house.

    Everything you need for destroying walls and putting them back up again! Tools for roofing, ceramic tiling, carpentry, painting...

    We may be purchasing a cement mixer in a few weeks as well, to put in a patio and some walkways (and maybe a driveway?).

    And here's some unsolicited advice. Before any of the work begins, indulge in a little relationship preventative maintenance and sign yourselves up for some couples counseling. I know it sounds like a joke, but it isn't.

    Good luck!