Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good Ideas - Regurgitated, Again

I have said before that I feel like everything I do is just copying someone else's great idea.
Well, today is no exception.
My friend Anna made the cutest change to a t-shirt the other day, and I had to do the same.
I have been hanging on to a few t-shirts that are just not fun to wear anymore.
Either they're too baggy, or they have stains or both.
Today I took on the task of revamping one of those.
I always complain to myself that I have no white cardigans, it would be so convenient to have one that I could throw on with anything, and isn't too hot.
In the interest of solving that problem, I cut open one of my white t-shirts and added an applique flower to cover some of the stains.It's really comfy, I think I might just make a bunch more.
I can't stand to throw anything out, and the shirts I have are in pretty shabby shape.
There may be lots of applique and conversions in my future, especially since this went so quickly.
Even with agonizing over the applique ideas, then sewing it with a machine, then taking those stitches out and re-sewing by hand, the whole project was finished between the dropping off and picking up of kids this morning.


  1. I love it! As someone who also can't throw out anything, I have been updating shirts for 45 years--ever since I turned the collars and cuffs on my husband's shirts when they started to fray and we were impoverished college students.

    Another idea: my sister-in-law takes fabric paint and PAINTS designs on stained clothing. Great for kids shirts when you want to get some more wear out of them.


  2. You have still made this idea your own, and it is lovely.

  3. Yay! I love it. I have sooooo many stained items I should start thinking applique too.