Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

Well, we're halfway to de-Christmased around here.
The wintery village can stay up until the snow is gone, as far as I am concerned, but the crispy tree had to go.
This works out fine, because I got a new easy chair for Christmas from my lovely hubby, and it fits just perfectly in the corner where the tree was.
He did a good job with the color, don't you think?The pillow was a model for a class that I taught about Last Minute Fabric Gifts. We didn't actually end up making any of those in the class, but I am glad that I made this one anyway, since it goes so nicely with my new chair.

The Younger loves it too, it's gonna be a little difficult to get it for myself, I can just see it.
I can't wait for the sun to be out more, because my camera doesn't like the dimness of wintry twilight and everything is always a little blurry.

Thank you for staying with me through that thrilling post about the blurry pictures of my chair.
Happy First Day of the Year!

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