Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Candy

I had a little candy-making fiasco the first week of Winter Break, and then I had to work, and get strep throat, so the week was blown.
Today I attempted to redeem myself.
I made some of this honeycomb candy for the Christmas sweet stuff tins that I made up for my family, but I wasn't totally happy with it.
It was slightly overdone, and I went overboard with the baking soda.
Today I tried a smaller batch, a different pan and less baking soda.
I also added a little rose water to the chocolate coating.

The candy gods must have been smiling today, because these honeycomb candies were like having a taste of summer in the garden.
Faintly honey-flavored, with just a breath of rose when you take a bite, they're fruity and light and crunchy.
I fear that my teeth will all fall out if I keep making these, because they're quickly becoming my favorite treat.
One thing about this stuff is that it makes a lot of candy.
I halved the batch and it still filled two small and one large mason jar.In other news, I am working on something that I put on my to-do list March of 2008, I hope to finish it by the end of the week.
I won't be any more specific than that, I don't want to put undue pressure on myself.
Have a beautiful, if chilly, Tuesday.

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  1. Jess -
    It's fun checking in on your "ahem" adventures from the unfrozen west. The candy looks great!
    Uncle Fred