Friday, May 13, 2011

My Legacy

I realized this morning that the most important lesson I have been teaching my children since their birth is that it's perfectly fine to procrastinate.
This may not be the ideal legacy to pass on.
Maybe they'll see how frazzled I get when there's no more time and decide to learn by the opposite of my example.
This afternoon is the birthday of a friend of the Elder and I realized last night that we didn't have a present for her.
So, this morning the Elder and I looked through the Wee Wonderful's book and she chose a doll to make.
The Elder chose the fabric and we cut the pieces out together and worked until I had to drop her at school, I finished the rest on my own and then I'll drop "the package" off at her school before she jets off to the party.
She chose this doll,
but I didn't think we had the time to finish a yarn hairdo, so I took inspiration from this doll.

I was having a block about cutting two circles that were the same this morning, so I sorta copied the eye shape of this doll.
She came out alright, for being born at the completely last minute.

I have a feeling that the Elder's friends aren't going to want handmade dolls for much longer, so I am happy to make one if she asks me to. She actually ran the sewing machine for part of the doll today as well. I think she might be ready for some in-depth sewing time.
Maybe she can help me make the project that I planned for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge (which I have cut out but have made no further progress on.)
What's on your work table today?


  1. Awww... so cute! Great to catch up on your life!

  2. She's adorable. Great job.