Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Keep Calm and Craft On

Joining Nicole today.
This Mother's Day my Hubster brought The Elder and The Younger to our local Children's Museum and I stayed at home with The Youngest so she could get a nap and I could sit back and knit away.
I managed to finish up this sweater that I started in 2009 for a friend's baby.
Sorry I never got that finished, Krista!
But now it just happens to fit The Youngest like a glove.
I think I must have chosen button when I picked out the yarn, because I had 2 perfect little lime green jellybean buttons, but in the past 4 years I must have lost one.
So, the top button is a little hedgehog left over from The Elder's Easter dress from 6 years ago.
This weekend was actually chock-full of fiber experiences, we spent Saturday afternoon at the Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool festival.

There were so many sweet furry friends. We didn't get a photo of the alpacas, but they were by far, my favorite. They make this little humming sound that was too adorable for words.
Each of the big kids tried their hands at spinning. I didn't get a photo of her, but the daughter of that woman in the tie-dye jacket up there was 10 years old and they were doing a mother-daughter spinning demonstration. The Younger had a little more success with the spinning, the Elder's yarn kept breaking.
What's on your needles lately?


  1. The cardigan looks great. I love the spring colours! It feels great to finish something you satrted so long ago, doesn't it! I know that feeling quite well ;-)

  2. Aurora will look darling in it! Alex adores the rocket ship you sent us and it's in his bed every night so I think he's all good. :)