Friday, July 5, 2013

3 of 52

Jodi's challenge this week was to choose our favorite three photos from the first half of 52 portraits.
The Youngest - Cozy, Happy and Thoughtful: Weeks 3, 9 and 19
The Elder - How she loves life, and all it has to offer in sports, academics and music: Weeks 16, 14 and 19
The Younger - Sweet, Fun and Silly: Weeks 12, 24 and 23.

These three small people are such fun (and sometimes quite a challenge). 
My life would be nearly empty without them.
Head on over to Jodi's place to see some truly lovely work by other adoring parents.


  1. Oh that first shot is just so lovely, what an angel xx

  2. Such great captures! The first one is AMAZING!

    Thanks so much for dropping by - I hope that you'll come back and visit often. :)

  3. Beautiful pics. Love the first of your youngest; the typewriter and your daughter's expression and the happy ice cream face of your last photo! Thanks for popping over to my blog xx