Sunday, April 20, 2014

Make it Work: Easter Edition

So, I am a huge fan of Project Runway and I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Under the Gunn (though I thought Nick was kind of a pain) and I always giggle at the designers who are sewing their models into the garments as they're running to the runway.
I also like to procrastinate.
I cut this dress out for The Youngest yesterday before I went to work. Then I read to the kids for about an hour and half.
This left me with about 5 hours after work to put it together, and I think it might be the nicest dress I have made for a child of mine. The only short-cut I took is that I didn't line the bodice, but it's flannel and I think it'll be nice and cozy anyway.
The skirt turned out really long, probably because this pattern was a discontinued pattern, and they can have problems...
So, I tucked up the length to make a layered look.
Also, the topstitching on the waist was a little uneven, so I popped a bow over it, and now it's twice as cute!
In my other Make it Work Moment, The Elder asked yesterday if she could have a dress too. So, at midnight, I cut out the pieces for this jumper.
She had to be at church this morning at 8:15, and I was sewing the buttons on at 8:04.
Also, I cut the bodice wrong, and after I had interfaced it and sewn it together I realized that fun fact.
So, I trimmed the front to match the back, and it worked out o.k.
I had the fabric for both of these dresses in my stash, and I was so happy to get them sewn up.
Hoppy, Happy Easter to you all, and I will see you soon!


  1. The little blue & pink dress is absolutely adorable! I really like the color combination. And I cannot believe how quickly you sewed both of these dresses up! You are super fast.

  2. That is very quick sewing! They both look lovely :)