Sunday, April 6, 2014

Two Years Old

This tiny, wee babe got her official two-year-old credentials today.

As a special present to The Youngest the weather has made a complete change and it's spectacular outside. We spent the whole birthday party (just us and the grandparents) at the playground.

The Elder and I decorated the cake, I couldn't quite get the consistency right on the pink frosting, but it tasted delicious!
The pink frosting is flavored with strawberry sauce made from frozen berries from last summer's harvest.
The green was just food coloring, though after it was finished I remembered an episode of Good Eats where Alton Brown suggested making buttercream frosting from avocados. It was just about the same color as above, and it would have been perfect since the avocado is still almost the only food that The Youngest will reliably eat that's not french fries...
I hope you are having a delightful day out there in internetland.
We sure are.

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