Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Trip to the Forest

As much as I like to think that we made an instant and seamless transition to our new house, I haven't really felt like doing much more than nesting for a while. 
It hasn't been all that helpful that we've been in workerland for a while. 
Last week it was a plumber (for preventative maintenance) and a tree crew taking down a nearly hollow apple tree.
This week, however, we've been getting out almost every day. 
The weather is truly un-November-like and, though I feel nervous for the future of the planet, I am loving the sun and the blue skies.
Monday we visited a new park in a neighboring city - Reservoir Woods.
It was our first visit, but not our last.
There were lots of opportunities for climbing and building and swinging. 
We went with a crowd of pre-schoolers, and there was some great imaginative play going on.

This grumpy face was that we had to leave.
I felt similarly, we'll definitely be back soon.

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  1. Nesting is nice! Nesting is GOOD! It's autumn, that's what you're supposed to do!