Monday, November 9, 2015


Was it a reaction against the violence of The Walking Dead last night? Perhaps.
I must give Meg idea credit. I was so inspired by her beautiful painting of her daughter that she posted last week.
Whatever the motivation, I started this sketch of The Youngest last night.
She saw it this morning and requested a puppy on her shirt.
It's still a little rough, I haven't decided on the background yet.
When I draw I usually get bogged down in the details, so this time I'm wondering whether to leave the background a wash of color.
My next step (which feels a little like cheating) is to make some copies and experiment with the background.
The Youngest decided that she needs to be the one to paint it, so she'll get a few copies for herself.
Update -

The Youngest did a great job on her portrait. The bar has been set very high...


  1. Oh it's beautiful - you've really captured a sense of her :)

  2. Making copies is definitely not cheating. It actually lets you be more creative and adventurous!