Thursday, February 21, 2008


The fifth lamp household has been in turmoil for the last week.

The hubby and myself went to Cancun last wednesday, but B got sick on Thursday and stayed sick, we caught an early flight home, and he is still sick.

The children are also very ill, with explosive everything.

The upshot of this, other than my extreme crankiness and the crankiness of those around me, is that I have missed the mail deadline for the doll-clothes swap.

The outfits are finished and will go out in the mail tomorrow, if the health gods are in an amicable mood.

Here is Siobhan working out her film noir tendencies.

And here she is studying her favorite Seurat paintings.
She just loves pointilism

Wishing better health for all of you,


  1. that doll is adorable in and of itself and I love the outfit!

  2. SO CUTE!!!

    I am sorry to hear about the sick-plane-trip debacle. That is no fun.