Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Afternoon creativity

This morning the Hug-a-Bugs and I planned a post-nap walk to the park.

The Elder H-a-B was looking forward to it most of the day.
The Younger H-a-B was napping, and so I don't know how much he was anticipating the trip.

During said nap, my daughter spent some time in the yard painting.

A couple of months ago, the Mamas of the Craft chose painting matryushka dolls as our weekly project. We ordered blank sets from the internets.

I have to admit that I never got mine painted.

It's been fun to let my daughter paint them one at a time.

Today when we were all set to go on our walk, the Younger saw the paints out still, we never put anything away, ahem, and decided to take a painting break.

I loved watching his little serious face as he studied where exactly to put the color, and which to use.

Then, the Elder decided to come and join him.

And there was no fighting.
When the Younger was painting over the Elder's work, she said "you're helping me. I did the first part and you are doing the second part."

We did take the trip to the park, but I was grateful for this moment that they shared.

On another note, I knitted up some stash today.
I got through two balls of 1824 Cotton that I have had for 3-5 years.
I don't have much in the way of cotton sweaters, and I have heard that the weather in Germany will be between 50 and 80 degrees F when we get there.

Even if I don't finish this before I leave, it is a nice mindless project for the plane.

Have a good night,


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