Monday, June 16, 2008

Some Weekend Knitting

On Saturday while working at the Yarn store I cast-off my 1824 sweater.

With the help of my yarny friends I got some buttons and it is all set for the trip to Deutschland.

It feels good to knit down my stash somewhat.

When I first started knitting about 7 years ago, I made the brazen comment that no one should have a stash.

"How dumb to amass more yarn than you could knit up in one project."

Well, then I started working at the Yarnery and also at Coldwater Collaborative in Excelsior, MN and I saw new yarns come in and sale yarns and I had a discount, so dangerous, and so began my stash.
Also, I hadn't anticipated the projects that would be left to moulder while I puzzled out a problem.
Mine is by far not the biggest stash out there, but it does fill up about three big Rubbermaid tubs, and a basket or three.

As I clearly have a problem, as soon as I was finished with the 1824 I immediately cast on Rogue .

I am using some more stash.

About 5 years ago, the Yarnery discontinued the older put-up of the Soft Shetland from Jamieson, and I bought 15 skeins as they were considerably discounted.

I have been half-heartedly knitting a Kristin Nicholas sweater with it since then, but the pattern was pretty complicated and I didn't then nor do I now have the patience or attention span to finish it.

It is a shame, because I do love the Nicholas sweater, but I will also love the Rogue.

I am cardiganizing it, there is a link on the Girl From Auntie's website, and I am thoroughly enjoying the knitting.

These Girl From Auntie patterns are great because they are mostly stockinette with a few spectacular cable patterns thrown in for interest.

Such fun, and they look complicated and impressive...

Have a beautiful Monday,

The weather here should be perfect for outdoor activity.

Talk to you soon,


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