Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Deutschland or Bust!

Hey everyone!
I will be absent for the next two weeks.
I am off to Germany tomorrow and I won't be back until July.

I am really quite excited.
I will be travelling with the HoH Children's Choir and they are a great group of kids and they sound terrific.

My two sadnesses are these-
I will miss my family a lot.
I have never been away from my kids for longer than 5 days, and the last time I was separated from my husband for that long was 7 years ago.

Also, I fear that I will completely miss the fresh strawberry season.
It's starting about a week later this year than in past years, so I might be able to get in on the strawberry action when I get home.

I wish everyone a couple of weeks full of playing in the sprinklers and seeing things grow.

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