Monday, August 11, 2008


I was having a less-than-successful parenting morning today, so we took a walk through the woods by our house.
It is remarkable to me how the woods help me instantly to feel more relaxed and able to be excited about the tiny wonders around me.
When the Elder Hug-a-Bug found a teensy caterpillar hanging from a string, we were all of us calm enough to watch as it landed on the ground and took a trip across the path.

On a more successful note, I finished the BSJ Snowsuit.

I put in the zipper this morning.

Siobhan was glad to act as model this morning, it's a little big on her, but that should bode well for its fitting on a human baby.

Now it is time for lunchtime dumplings.

They are in the water right now, and they will disappear as fast as they cool.

Recipe from Martha Stewart Living Feb 2008.

Wishing you serenity,

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  1. Yes, a visit to the woods is just the thing to calm the mind. I love the snowsuit too!