Friday, March 6, 2009

Favorite Room Friday

Today has been dubbed Favorite Room Friday by the lovely and talented Funny Magic.
I had a long think about which room is really my favorite in our house.
I would have to say it is the room I am currently in.
The office.
This room used to be my crafting space, and it has gone through a few incarnations since we moved in.It is the first room that we really tackled as far as repair and painting are concerned.
I am really pleased with how much time the kids like to spend in here, we build with legos, play restaurant, set up the train tracks. It's really fun for me too. The bulk of the time spent by either of the adults in our family in this room, however, is spent in front of the computer.
I just love how much light there is, and the sound of toy tinkering, and when I look around I see beloved things that I have collected over time,
or that my kids have been able to use again.
This rocking chair was mine when I was I was little, and my mom helped me paint and recover it when I was pregnant with the Elder Hug-a-Bug, or as we called her at the time, Cletus the Fetus.
Anyway, this is my favorite room.

On a greener note, look what I saw yesterday -
Happy Green Week and Happy Favorite Room Friday!


  1. Oooh, I love the color wheel on your wall, amazing.

  2. I love the color wheel, too. And it looks like such a sunny, warm place, especially with the yellow walls. Thanks for playing along today!

  3. Love those yellow walls! The rocker ... um ... rocks! The red it very cool (or hot!). Such an inviting room - the sunlight is awesome and refreshing I'm sure.

  4. love the room, and everything that goes on within it.

    grass? really? oh i hope spring gets here soon...