Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This one's for Abby

Let me tell you the story of a girl and her mittens.
Once a young girl took a class in knitting Norwegian mittens.
She made some pretty kick-butt mittens in the class, learning two-color knitting at the same time.
She wore those mittens for a couple of years, until she wore through the thumbs and the palms, and they weren't functional anymore.
(here comes the tear-jerky part)
Those poor mittens languished in a basket, and then in a basement for 6 years.
Finally the girl remembered them, and brought them into the light of day, above ground.
She ripped down the tops of the mittens and reknit them.
Then she cut off the thumbs and knit new ones.
Then she said, "hmm. that only took a couple of hours. I could have had matching mittens all this time! Why? Why did I wait so long? What evil had overtaken me?"
Now, the girl and her mittens have been reunited.
Just in time for the unpleasant weather.

thanks for the supportive comments re my non-dairy stuff.
I really appreciate my friends, online and off.


  1. how sweet, great story! (and mittens) i have those type of thoughts myself when i finally get around to a project.

  2. i wish knitting was that easy for me! :)

  3. OMG! For me?!? Is it really for me? Or do you know another Abby who gives you a ration of crap for not having a matching set of mittens when you are...hello?!?...a knitting guru? I am so honored. And, BTW? BEAUTIFUL. Pretty, pretty princess.