Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Jammies.

So, here I am, 38 1/2 weeks pregnant.
Work is finished, and I am spending my days bored out of my gourd, playing online scrabble.
Today I opted, instead, to spend some time at the sewing machine, and I was able to whip up these jammies for the kids' impending visit to their grandparents while I am in the hospital.
The weather is pretty amazing in the daytime, but it's still a little chilly at night, so I think the flannel will be just the ticket.
The Elder helped me choose the fabrics this weekend while we were looking for fabric for her Easter dress.
She chose the puppy flannel for the dress, but I convinced her that it might be better in jammie pant form.

I can't wait until I am able to spend some time on my hands and knees and get digging in the dirt like the Younger here.
The garden is calling...


  1. A flannel puppy Easter dress would have been unIque, indeed. Glad your powers of persuasion worked -- hope your days until baby arrives pass quickly! :)

  2. great photo of your pajama creations on the spring green grass :D
    I hope we can get some planting done tomorrow which is the start of a 1.5 wk spring break ~ seems too early to plant, but I was given the green light @ Bachman's