Friday, March 23, 2012

New Sweater (almost) Finished

Last week I started knitting a sweater for the Elder in anticipation of Easter.
I finished it up on Saturday, only to realize that it was too small.
So I ripped it back and made it a little bigger, only to realize that the sleeves weren't right.
So, I ripped it back a second time and finished it up yesterday.
All that remains is choosing and attaching the buttons.
I may also add some decorative stitching to the hem.
The fabric I have for her Easter dress is floral, and I think some small leafy vines travelling around the edge of the sweater might be just the thing.
Or, they could be too much.
But, since too much cute is kind of my thing lately, I may just go ahead...
Upon reflection, I could have made the sweater a little more full, but I was working with stash yarn and I was afraid of running out and not finding a close enough dye lot to finish it up.
She's a bean-pole of a girl, though, so this should work out just fine.

The modifications I made to this pattern were minimal.
First, I knit Maile in a worsted-weight instead of the fingering-weight it called for as an infant pattern.
I added a lot of stitches (about 20) to the sleeves to make them puffier.
I ended up taking a tuck in the bottom, I just like the look of a nice full short sleeve.
I also eliminated the side shaping, since I had to make it big enough around for the 8-year-old.
The other thing I did was eliminate the lace around the hem. I didn't think it matched the spirit of the raglan lace, which is truly lovely.
A nice quick knit, which would have been even quicker had I taken the time to think through my ultimate design goals.
Are you knitting anything exciting out there?

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  1. love the sleeves, the puff & the tuck... ugh that you had to rip twice !
    can't wait to see the sweater with the floral dress that you're going to sew :)