Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Sweater

This week is Spring Break for my kids, and we have been living it up.
We've been to the Zoo, the Children's Museum, and since the weather has been beyond perfect, we've also been spending lots and lots of time at the playground.
In addition, I have been able to start in on a new sweater for the Elder. I have plans to try to pump out something for each of them before Easter comes, we'll see how that goes...

This morning we're also addressing a serious monster problem.
For about a year the Younger has been afraid to be upstairs alone.
It came about very suddenly, and it's a big problem.
I asked my facebook support system last night for help and my friend suggested No Monsters Allowed! signs. He was way into it and we made a bunch this morning.
We haven't seen the results yet, but I have high hopes.


  1. Glad your energy is going strong and you're enjoying this time with the kiddos! The monster signs sound like a great idea--hope it works!

  2. oh, I've never seen that knitting pattern before ~ your sweater is going to be gorgeous :D