Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer 3

Today began well with a little violin practice (I am borrowing Lecia's rule about earning computer time with practice time, and it's the best thing ever) (also, here is that new haircut I spoke of yesterday. Super cute, no?)
Then we had a visit to the doc for The Youngest's 2 month check-up.
She's healthy as can be. Not a big fan of the vaccinations, but better a little irritation now than measles later, I always say.

It was a gloomy day, weather-wise, so we did some inside stuff. We watched  The Thief of Bagdad which is a silent film starring Douglas Fairbanks. And then we played a little scrabble before dinner.
After dinner it was off to soccer for the kids,
and a concert for me.

Meg started a new Wednesday event this morning called Just One Day, and this is my entry therein. 
I'm starting to get into the groove of this daily posting thing, so I may see you all tomorrow.


painted fish studio said...

LOVE the new hair cut!

Nancy said...

The new haircut is awesome!

nest full of eggs said...

we do something similar, reading time before screen time...