Friday, August 3, 2012

A Fifth Lamp Kind of Morning

Yesterday I woke before dawn to nurse the Youngest, and since I have been having a tough time falling back asleep I went for a walk.
The walk turned out to be about 4 miles; I crossed one bridge into mainland Saint Paul, and came back across the other one.
I did a cursory search for the camera, but since it was 5:45, and I hadn't put it away, we didn't connect.
I was a little sad about that, because the moon was huge and pink and beautiful.
Flash forward to this morning, waking before dawn with the Youngest again, who was having tummy troubles and I decided to take another walk, this time with a tiny, sleepy pal.
We didn't make the loop this morning, just a quick jaunt over to the fifth lamp to see what we could see.

I could make this a habit.


  1. So beautiful! The only thing this post is missing is a picture of your sleepy little pal . . . .


  2. This sounds so great! The pictures are lovely.