Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Keep Calm and Craft On

Joining Nicole in Keep Calm and  Craft On this glorious Tuesday.
The Youngest started sitting up in earnest this week, and it looks like the time is growing near for her to start taking food from a bowl and spoon like a real person.
So out to the garage I went to find the ancestral high chair.
It had been mine, and it was a hand-me-down then, and then my siblings and the Elder and the Younger used it too.
Before the Elder was born my mom and I re-furbished it (heavy on my mom, since all I did was help to paint it) and it's still in awesome condition.
All that it needed was a wipe down to get rid of the spider webs and a  fresh coat of paint.
So here it is in its freshly-painted glory.

What are you creating today?


  1. that's so neat that it used to be the high chair you used when you were a baby, so sentimental... it looks in really good shape, your fresh coat of paint makes it look brand new !

  2. what a nice high chair and so nice that its been passed down. Happy eating:)