Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Creation Station

Last Saturday I spent a few beautiful hours in a Saint Paul park making art and teaching a little knitting.

Even though the skies were threatening bad weather, the rain held off and just like Fall in Minnesota it fluctuated between "Glad I wore a sweater" and "Hm, it's pleasantly warm"

We had painting, mosaic-making, story collecting, nature mobiles, and knitting. 
My not too great photo above shows half of my friend Rachel who came up with the idea of this fun happening called The Creation Station. 
Such a wonderful time, I met lots of great people, and taught a few folks a new skill.
The very best thing there was this wall installation
Before I die was the brainchild of Candy Chang, an artist who " is an artist who wants to make cities more emotional. She believes in the potential of contemplation and collective wisdom in public space to improve our communities and ourselves. " (from her website.)
We were all giddy about art-making and thinking of the things that were missing from our lives and there are some beautiful entries up there: visit every continent, be a doctor, be a mom, find peace in my reality, but my favorite one was from a passer-by who wrote in the upper left corner - make my mom happy. 
Not a bad way to send a Fall afternoon.