Sunday, September 30, 2012

Travels Around Town

It's been a couple of days of fun outings for my fam. 
Yesterday the three youngsters and myself went to the apple orchard. 
We didn't end up picking any apples, but we did have a great time in a corn maze, took a tractor ride and met some sweet animals.

 The Youngest got her first taste of fresh apple and loved it.

That hunk of hair is always in her face right now, teen years here we come...

On Friday my mom and I went to the Idea House at Bachman's, which is a local flower and plant outfit.
I clearly need to bring a stroller along when I go places, my photos have been suffering from blurritis.

This was my favorite idea, though I think I would use shorter nails, I could see getting snagged a hundred times a day in my small house if the art stood 3 inches out into the room
What's on your weekend to-do list?


  1. hey jess...looks like fun-i've never been to the idea house. something to check out. you+baby are looking good!! i love seeing those chunky cheeks on your girl.
    and the hair in the face look...that just cracks me up!

  2. those idea houses are always so fun to visit... my daughter has a school fieldtrip to an apple orchard soon, so maybe, I'll be going to one, too...