Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Yarn Along

Yarning along today, it's been a little while.
Today I have been finalizing my lesson plans for my classes at Choir School which starts tomorrow.
There's not much that's more fun than going through my library of music books to choose songs to sing with my little friends.
I also started reading In the Lake of the Woods for my book club. I am not very far into it, but the writing is engaging so far.

I have been knitting away at the dolly for The Youngest.
If you've ever made a hat and socks this doll is for you. The rear end is exactly like turning a heel on a sock, and the foot actually is a sock.
At this point the doll is the same size as The Youngest, so it should be a nice size for hugging after it has been felted.
What's on your needles today?

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