Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Birthday Gift

I love to sew and knit and generally make stuff. 
You may have seen evidence of that on the old fifthlampdown once or twice. 
One side-effect of this love of making is that both of the older kids have many, many dolls. 
I love when the kids are invited out to birthday parties, because it means that I can make dolls who get to live elsewhere.
The Youngest was invited to a 1st birthday this evening, and I spent today making this little lady.

I used this pattern from Storybook Toys - 
I did the hair shorter, I may add little buns, I haven't decided. 
I also skipped the bottom of the feet, since I was really procrastinating and that part of the assembly would be fussy and time-consuming and I had about 5 minutes to sew the pieces together with the machine this morning.
 I had a vision of a little pair of red overall shorts, so I knitted up a pair for her.
The consensus is that she needs a little shirt too, so I think I'll whip up one of those as well.
You may ask, why still work on it if the party is today, and my reason is that The Youngest looked like this the last time I saw her awake 

I think we'll just have to get the dolly to our friend at another time, so I have a little extra time to fuss with her.
Happy Weekend, All.


  1. wow !
    you are sure fast & good !
    it will be an adorable girl, handmade is best.
    that storybook toys book is fabulous :)

  2. I just looked at that book at the bookstore the other day--adorable projects! Somehow the babies always know when naptime is crucial to finishing something! Hope she's happier today!