Saturday, March 9, 2013

Can I Watch Something?

Can I Watch Something.
It's the first question out of their mouths after they come home, it's the first thing they ask on a weekend morning.
I usually say yes, since they're only allowed 1/2 hour, but then I realize that we had some guidelines about chores and music practice before screen time that I have been totally forgetting to enforce.
So this morning, at a very, VERY early hour I had a brainstorm.
We have tried chore lists in the past, and they've always had an aspect to them that made them hard to keep going.
The first one we had was made up on the computer and we'd check off the chores that were finished and have to print out a new one every few days. So then we'd forget to do that and there was no more chore list.
The second list had columns for finished and unfinished and we kept them straight with small magnets that we'd slide back and forth. With the arrival of the Youngest it's better that we don't have small magnets around anymore, so that system broke down as well.
I have high hopes for this list, however, because it's self contained, it's completely reusable, and there's a goal that the kids want to achieve.
I made it this morning out of a GoGurt box, and it took about 10 minutes.
What are your screen limits? How do you organize your chore lists?
Enjoy your Saturday, All.


  1. Similar policies concerning screen time around here (and similar problems.)

    Ha! I love this!