Friday, March 1, 2013


I've been working a little bit each day on drawing. 
The sketch I posted about last week got some revisions. I like it better, though it still doesn't really look like The Youngest.
Beyond revising that sketch I tried using some different techniques - 
This one is a gesture drawing - this was all I could get before she grew tired of whatever we were doing at the time.
I also tried what I think of as cheating - I traced her face shape from a printed photo and filled in the details.
Still not perfect, but it was a good training exercise for eye shape and mouth placement.
My biggest difficulty is noses.
They never end up looking like the kids' noses, no matter how many times I erase and try again.
I did this one of The Elder over a few days, both from life and using a photo as a reference.
The mouth was my tricky spot on this one. She looks kind of glum.

For this sketch of The Younger I took a photo as inspiration.
I keep thinking these sketches are how the kids will look when they're older.
Something is off about the proportions, though I couldn't tell you whether it's the fact that the mouths are too big,or the faces too long.
This one is vaguely Younger-like, but it doesn't quite get him. I'll do more work on this one when I have him here, I think.

It's been since my senior year of college that I took any drawing classes (and as my facebook and mail keeps reminding me, that was 15 years ago), and I have really enjoyed taking a little time each day to work on these.
I hope I keep up the momentum, I am a bit of a flibbertigibbet,  truth be told, and sometimes it's hard for me to stick with things.

It's March! which means that Spring can't be far off.
Enjoy your day, friends.

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  1. I just recently started drawing again, too! Your sketches are lovely, keep it up. :)